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Agricultural Knowledge Market Place (AKM) provide vertical integration consultancy and services including production, processing, logistics, marketing and overseas business matching with combinational resources from government, industry, university and institute, aiming to enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan's agriculture in the international market with all-round assistance.


Case Studies

A Critique of the Role of Counseling Consultant - the Case of Young Farmer Project Advisory
Release date 2019.11.18

To construct a young, dynamic, and highly competitive yet stable LOHAS agricultural sector and to promote new forms of start-ups for incoming agribusinesses, cultural creative industries, and social enterprises while aiming for¬ high technological ...

The Core Concept of Food and Agriculture Education Promotion
Release date 2019.11.13

Literally, the food and agriculture education is the education about food and agriculture. Does it simply mean to teach people how to enjoy delicious food and how to become professional farmers?

Strategic Approach Planning Management
Release date 2019.11.11

Faced with the challenges to agriculture like the aging workforce and the business decline of the credit department in the farmers’ association, Meinong joined the trend of forming agricultural operation zones.