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Agricultural Knowledge Market Place (AKM) provides vertical integration consultancy and services including production, processing, logistics, marketing and overseas business matching with combinational resources from government, industry, university and institute, aiming to enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan's agriculture in the international market with all-round assistance.

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Case Studies

250,000 birds in NI infected by serious viral infection
Release date 2021.06.11

Around 250,000 birds in Northern Ireland have been infected by a serious viral infection, the Department of Agriculture has confirmed.

7 steps to help farmers transition to net-zero
Release date 2021.06.10

Farming businesses have been issued seven steps to help the agricultural sector reach net-zero emissions by 2040.

Farmers taking part in Defra's pilot to be paid £5,000
Release date 2021.06.09

Farmers who are testing a pilot version of the Sustainable Farming Incentive scheme will be paid £5,000 for their time, Defra has revealed.