•  2023.05.23

    FOCUS May 2023

    Cover Story
    ◆Momo Designated Green Logistics Partner to Brave the International Market
    ◆Hit the Brakes before Entering Restriction Zone

  •  2023.04.07

    FOCUS Mar 2023

    Cover Story
    ◆Becoming a Career Coach for Your Staff.
    ◆"Trust-based Leadership" for a New Generation Team.

  •  2023.01.06

    FOCUS Dec 2022

    Cover Story
    ◆Commitment and Strategic Leadership for Resilience and Sustainability.
    ◆A 55-year Brand Keeps Innovative Progress for Sustainability.

  •  2022.11.30

    FOCUS Nov 2022

    Cover Story
    ◆Learn Management + Manufacturing Service An Empire of Fuses Stands Tall
    ◆Digital Poultry Farming + AI Slaughter Young "Chicken Engineers" Emerging

  •  2022.09.07

    FOCUS Sep 2022

    Cover Story
    ◆A Low-profile Giant of Textile Winding Machines Winding Around the World with the Support of MTP
    ◆MTP Leadership for an Innovative and Effective Health Care Business Model

  •  2022.07.15

    FOCUS Jul 2022

    Cover Story
    ◆Agile transformation in the ESG waves: Three trends and plans of the talent market
    ◆New forces in Net Zero Transition: 15 industries develop green collar women power

  •  2022.05.19

    FOCUS May 2022

    Cover Story
    ◆A taste not bounded by the mountains
    ◆Serves You the Rhythm of the Sea

  •  2022.03.29

    FOCUS Feb-Mar 2022

    Cover Story
    ◆Digitization Talents Are Redefing Intelligent HR and Restructuring the Enterprise
    ◆Cultural and Organizational Strategies