Net Zero

Net Zero

  •  2022.09.05

    Circular Economy Development in Taiwan Sugar Corporation and its Carbon Emission Reduction Impact

    TSC have seen successful cases, such as biogas power generation and agricultural waste reduction and have driven industry upgrades in Taiwan with our efforts in implementing circular economy.

  •  2022.08.15

    Net Zero Emissions in Agriculture

    In Taiwan, the Council of Agriculture took the initiative in proposing net zero emission policy in agriculture and organized the "Climate Change Adaptation and Net Zero Emissions Project Office".

  •  2022.08.01

    Upcycling of Agricultural Wastes

    The concept of circulation has been realized in the production model in major industries in many countries, to turn agricultural wastes into useful materials in global efforts.

  •  2022.07.18

    On Green Dining

    Among the environment friendly actions derived from the awareness of the growing concerns of the extreme climate and environmental crisis, green consumption is a proactive measure to deal with environmental issues.

  •  2021.12.06


    In recent years, the problems of environmental garbage and marine debris keep breaking out one after another.

  •  2021.10.25

    Green Power and Agriculture in Taiwan

    Regarding the development of green power in Taiwan, solar power and wind power are the two major areas. The limited space and high population density have been unfavorable to wind power generation.