Case Studies

Mango exports to US to get boost
Release date 2023.02.20

With the setting up of the fourth irradiation facility at Ahmedabad, India’s exports of mangoes varieties Kesar, Alphonso and Banganappale to the United States is expected to give a boost in the coming season (April-July).

Egg farmers want government to support business
Release date 2023.02.20

Waiba Poultry and Agricultural Farm of Mechinagar, Jhapa was doing well. The farm owned 5,000 layer chickens and produced 2,520 eggs daily. It looked like the perfect poultry farm success story.

"India Needs to Improve Its Post-Harvest Infrastructure," say Experts
Release date 2023.02.19

According to experts, India's post-harvest infrastructure, including storage facilities, should be improved in order to strengthen the plantation sector.