Kai Shing Trading Co., Ltd. - The Dawn of an Asian Native Chicken Empire

Kai Shing Trading Co., Ltd. - The Dawn of an Asian Native Chicken Empire

Smart Agriculture Promotion Department


Kai Shing Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991. After nearly 30 years of operation, it has more than 40 contract farms across Changhua, Yunlin, and Chiayi of central and southern Taiwan. The company is the first vertically integrated factory farm with one consistent production process of breeding, feeding, raising, and slaughtering of native chicken and black-bone chicken in Taiwan and adopts a complete traceability system. Moreover, the company has received multiple certifications such as CAS, HACCP, etc. in the hope of presenting the most transparent and complete production information to consumers, such that every consumer can eat safely and eat healthier.

With efforts of the company and its employees, Kai Shing Trading Co., Ltd. continues to endeavor to develop fresh food, vacuum-packaged prepared food, and food products stored at room temperature. The company aims to not only provide Taiwanese people with safe and delicious food but also export them to Japan, Singapore and Mainland China. The company’s output value exceeded 1 billion NT Dollars in 2008, and its revenue in 2016 reached 1.4 billion NT Dollars. The poultry industry has faced some challenges in recent years, for instance, high-temperature and humid climates, inadequate young and middle-age workforce, food safety, and biosafety protection, etc. To break through the operation bottlenecks, in addition to the animal husbandry mechanization and automation, further combination of intelligent automation with automated machines and network-based monitoring system is necessary to enhance the industrial efficiency.

With the subsidy program of the Council of Agriculture and the assistance from the industry, Kai Shing Trading Co., Ltd. utilized the research and development capabilities of National Chung Hsing University to build a "smart poultry house" and developed a "smart poultry house breeding poultry production management system" to innovate and strengthen a smart poultry house control system suitable for high temperature and high humidity environment. Moreover, the company updated old poultry house facilities, introduced automatic temperature-controlled cabinets, spray systems, and information collection equipment. In addition to the system-controlled remote monitoring, collected breeding poultry production management and environmental data are uploaded to a shared database, thereby gradually establishing big data. The analyzed data will be used to support and strengthen the production and marketing decision-making and product traceability. In the end, the system is connected to and integrated with the system functions of each department within the company to facilitate information circulation, strengthen internal communication, save manpower and reduce costs.

Kai Shing Trading Co., Ltd. strives to adhere to the principles of “conscience, virtue, and energy” and pursues the growth of scale. Also, the company hopes to continuously create overall industrial operation value through product innovation, introduction of new technology, and stable partnership & prosperity. The plan enables the modulization and integration of intelligent technology and poultry house and facilitates the technology transfer and commercialization. It is hoped to export the entire operation model and take into account the needs of various countries to build an international brand and operation system for poultry breeds with Taiwan’s agricultural advantages, thereby creating a blue ocean market for Taiwan's native chicken industry, establishing an Asian native chicken empire, and enhancing the competitiveness of Taiwan's poultry breeding industry.